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American Perforator - Perforating Machines . Document Perforators - Invoice Canceling - Dating Perforators . Ad Wizards. Find great deals on eBay for Manual Perforator Paper perforating machine . Shop with confidence. PDFPERFORATOR USER GUIDE Holte Manufacturing Company, Inc. 25310 Jeans Road, Veneta OR 97487 Ph (541)935-5054 Fax (541)935-5430. CONTENTS Paper perforators are useful machines when it comes to making coupons, tickets, promotional and marketing material. The tiny perforated holes make material Manual Paper perforator Paper perforating Machine paper perforator. Name: SPC DP-7080 Manual 2 hole paper perforator. Punching capacity: 70 sheets - 2

manual preforator
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